How We Started

ATHENAWORKS was founded to create a culture of empowerment, diversity and equality for technical talent everywhere. A culture where everyone is safe and empowered with the freedom, flexibility and support to grow professionally in an unfettered way.

We believe that the only way to achieve balanced, fair and open teams is to make it part of the way we do business each day. So we based our socially-conscious business model on being a safe environment for all that embraces, encourages and empowers each team member. Our approach emphasizes equal access, equal pay, and equal opportunity on a level global playing field that has no ceiling on advancement.

The users of products are diverse so the people behind the technology should be too. We recruit great people from diverse backgrounds who can transform business ideas into powerful products, services and platforms. Exceptional individuals that can deliver top quality results while creating global social impact.

Creative Director
Chief People & Operations Officer
Chief Puppy Officer
What We Pursue

ATHENAWORKS has committed itself to the practice of valuing the contributions of our people through a genuine culture of empowerment, diversity, inclusion and equality for all members. And this approach allows us to deliver exceptional consistent results to all our clients. Because happy respected people create great things.

Great people with unlimited opportunity can achieve anything.